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At Wardrobetee, our highest priority is your satisfaction. We understand that our customers shop with us for gifts – such as personalized blankets, customized wall art, and so on – that have sentimental value for them and their loved ones. Naturally, we do our best to make everything perfect for you.

We are committed to providing you with quality products. As part of this commitment, we have designed this Refund & Replacement Policy.


If you find any defects or quality issues with your product, please bring our attention to it immediately after receiving your package. You may send us an email with an attached picture of the product and its packaging via at

If the issue satisfies our Acceptability of Quality Conditions, we will replace your order. Please bear in mind that print-on-demand products like customized blankets may take the same amount of time as the original order to be reshiped.



If you find any defects with your products as below, please bring our attention to it within 20 days since you received the product by contacting us at

Then, please fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • Design Error

Wrong design on the product compared to the design request made by the customer.

  • Bad Quality Design

Blurred image, botched design, or incomprehensible print on the product.

  • Overdue

The shipment does not reach you within the promised timeframe.

  • Damaged Product

Product damaged on arrival – be it during the shipment, before, or while making the delivery.


All return shipments coming to our US factory cost us an additional $10 per shipment, irrespective of whether it’s because of wrong shipping address or customer rejection on delivery.

Additionally, most of the orders we receive are for personalized products like gifts for Christmas, or gifts for Mother’s Day, which hold unique sentimental value to individual customers and hence, can not be resold.

For these reasons, we DO NOT ACCEPT any Return Requests.


In consideration of our substantial costs of production and shipping, we do not offer refunds in the case of defective products. Instead, we replace you products absolutely FREE OF COST.

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