Art Supplies Gift Ideas for Artists Finding the Perfect Present

Art Supplies Gift Ideas for Artists Finding the Perfect Present

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift for the artist in your life? Whether they are a seasoned professional or just starting out, finding the right art supplies can be a daunting task. You want to give them something that will inspire their creativity and help them create beautiful works of art. Look no further, as we have compiled a list of art supplies gift ideas that any artist would love to receive.

1. Must-Have Drawing Tools for Every Artist

Art Supplies Gift Ideas for Artists Finding the Perfect Present

Pencils and Erasers

Every artist needs a good set of pencils and erasers to sketch out their ideas and make corrections. A classic choice is the Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Pencils set, which comes in a range of hardness levels from 6B to 4H. For a more eco-friendly option, consider the Palomino Blackwing Pencils made from sustainable materials. As for erasers, the Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser is a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Sketchbooks and Drawing Paper

A high-quality sketchbook or drawing paper is essential for any artist to bring their ideas to life. The Moleskine Art Sketchbook is a popular choice among artists, with its acid-free paper and sturdy hardcover. If you prefer loose sheets of paper, the Strathmore Series 400 Drawing Pad offers a variety of sizes and textures to choose from.

Charcoal and Pastels

For artists who enjoy working with different mediums, charcoal and pastels make great gifts. The General's Charcoal Drawing Kit comes with a variety of charcoal pencils, sticks, and accessories. For vibrant colors, consider the Faber-Castell Polychromos Pastels, which are known for their smooth application and lightfastness.

2. Painting Supplies for the Creative Soul

Art Supplies Gift Ideas for Artists Finding the Perfect Present

Acrylic Paints and Brushes

Acrylic paints are a versatile medium that can be used on various surfaces, making them a great gift for artists who like to experiment. The Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint Set offers a range of colors at an affordable price. For brushes, the Winsor & Newton Monarch Synthetic Brush Set is a high-quality option that mimics natural hair brushes without harming any animals.

Watercolor Paper and Palettes

Watercolor artists will appreciate receiving a set of high-quality watercolor paper, such as the Arches Watercolor Block. This paper is made from 100% cotton, providing a smooth surface for the paint to glide on. Don't forget to include a watercolor palette, such as the Mijello Fusion Airtight Watercolor Palette, which keeps your paints fresh and organized.

Oil Paints and Mediums

Oil painting is a traditional medium loved by many artists. The Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors set offers a range of colors and is made with high-quality pigments. To help the artist achieve different effects, consider gifting them some oil painting mediums, like the Winsor & Newton Liquin Original or Gamblin Galkyd Gel.

3. Unique Supplies for Mixed Media Artists

Art Supplies Gift Ideas for Artists Finding the Perfect Present

Markers and Pens

For artists who love to incorporate bold lines and colors into their work, markers and pens make great gifts. The Copic Sketch Markers set comes in a wide range of colors and is renowned for its quality and versatility. If you're looking for a more affordable option, the Sakura Micron Fineliner Pen Set offers a variety of tip sizes and waterproof ink.

Calligraphy Tools

Calligraphy has become increasingly popular among artists, and a calligraphy set makes a thoughtful and unique gift. The Speedball Calligraphy Set comes with a variety of nibs and ink cartridges, perfect for beginners. For a more advanced artist, consider the Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder and Zebra G Nibs for a more precise and controlled line.

Sculpting Tools

Sculpting is an art form that requires specific tools to shape and mold clay or other materials. The Activa Clay Roller Kit is perfect for artists who love to create intricate designs. For those who prefer working with metal, the Wire Cutter and Pliers Set by Beadalon is great for cutting and manipulating wire.

4. Storage and Organization Solutions for Art Supplies

Art Supplies Gift Ideas for Artists Finding the Perfect Present

Art Supply Box

Having a designated space for their art supplies can help artists stay organized and inspired. The ArtBin Essentials Three Tray Box is a durable storage solution with multiple compartments for different types of art supplies. For a more compact option, the Meeden Artist's Tool Box has a fold-out tray and a convenient carrying handle.

Brush Holders and Cases

Paint brushes are essential tools for any artist, and keeping them protected from damage is crucial. The Martin Universal Design Just Stow-It Multi-Purpose Brush Case can hold up to 24 brushes, making it a great gift for professional artists. For a more budget-friendly option, the BTSKY 96-Slot Pencil Case can also be used to store paint brushes.

Art Supply Caddy

A large caddy can hold all the necessary art supplies in one place, making it easy to move from one location to another. The Art Alternatives Creative Mark Brush Crate is a sturdy caddy with multiple compartments to keep paints, brushes, and other supplies organized. For a less traditional option, the US Art Supply Wood Pastel Storage Box has adjustable dividers to hold various art supplies.

5. Digital Art Supplies for Tech-Savvy Artists

Art Supplies Gift Ideas for Artists Finding the Perfect Present

Drawing Tablets

In today's world, digital art has become increasingly popular, and a drawing tablet is a must-have for any tech-savvy artist. The Huion H610 Pro Graphic Drawing Tablet offers a large drawing area and 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity for a more natural drawing experience. For a more portable option, the Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet is lightweight and can connect to your computer wirelessly.

Digital Painting Software

To go along with their new drawing tablet, consider gifting the artist some digital painting software. Clip Studio Paint Pro and Adobe Photoshop are popular choices among artists, offering a variety of tools and features to create stunning digital artwork.

Subscription Services

For artists who enjoy trying out different mediums, a subscription service like SketchBox or ArtSnacks can be a great gift. These services deliver a monthly box full of art supplies and samples, allowing the artist to explore new materials without having to purchase them individually.


Can I buy art supplies as a gift for someone who is just starting out as an artist?

Absolutely! Art supplies make a great gift for artists of all levels. Consider buying them a starter set or a variety of supplies to help them discover which medium they enjoy working with the most.

Are there any eco-friendly options for art supplies?

Yes, many companies now offer sustainable and environmentally-friendly art supplies. Look for products made from recycled materials or those that use non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients.

How do I know which type of paint to buy for the artist?

It's best to ask the artist directly or look at their previous works to determine which type of paint they prefer. If you're unsure, consider buying a variety of paints in smaller sizes so they can experiment with different mediums.

Can I give digital art supplies as a gift if the artist doesn't have a drawing tablet?

Yes, you can still gift digital art supplies such as software or subscription services even if the artist does not have a drawing tablet. They can always use the software on their computer or purchase a drawing tablet later.

Are there any must-have art supplies that every artist needs?

While the necessary supplies may vary depending on the type of art, there are some staples that every artist should have, such as pencils, erasers, sketchbooks, and paint brushes. Consider buying these as a starter set for someone just starting out as an artist.


Art supplies are not only practical but also thoughtful gifts for any artist. With this list of gift ideas, you can find the perfect present to inspire and support the artist in your life. From classic drawing tools to digital art supplies, there is something for every type of artist. So go ahead and give the gift of creativity and watch as they create beautiful works of art with the supplies you have chosen for them.

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